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June 7 - 16, 2019

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16th Iitti Summer Music School
June 7-16, 2019 Perheniemi Folk High School


Organised by the Iitti Music Festival Association and Perheniemi Folk High School

The aim of the Iitti Summer Music School is to foster an interest in music among young people – the audience of the future. The School is open to applicants of all ages and levels of proficiency. The basic fee includes a daily private lesson of 30 minutes (45 minutes for more advanced pupils for an extra fee) and a chance to play in an orchestra. For an extra fee, students can also join in the chamber music and ensemble lessons and attend the Composing Workshop. Students may also attend, free of charge, the Iitti Music Festival concerts in Iitti Church, for which transport is provided, and there are plenty of opportunities for students themselves to perform.

Perheniemi Folk High School provides excellent accommodation (mostly in rooms for 2–4), teaching and practice rooms in a safe environment. Swimming is possible in the nearby lake, and there is a volley-ball pitch, a barbecue and facilities for all sorts of other activities in the Folk High School grounds. Students are covered by the accident insurance for the duration of the Summer Music School.

The Music School’s recreation leaders organise supervised activities such as games and evening entertainments and are responsible for overall supervision and safety. The Folk High School has a special room for leisure activities.


Applications for the Summer Music School can be sent via the online application form until May 17, 2019. The form can be accessed by clicking on “Application Form”. All applicants receive an automatic email confirming their acceptance on the course (subject to availability of places). Once the application period has ended, information on the course as well as the bill for course fees will also be sent to the email address provided in the application form. Applicants under the age of 18 must provide the email address of a parent or a legal guardian.

Applicants who send in their applications after the above date will be added to the waiting list, from which applicants will be selected for the course if places become available.

All cancellations must be made on June 3, 2019 at the latest. After this date, all cancellations will be billed at 30€.

Students should arrive at the Perheniemi Folk High Scool from 4 pm on Friday June 7. An opening info session will be held at 6 pm in the hall of the main building.

A number of concerts will be arranged during the Music School. The closing concert will be held at the Folk High School at 1 pm on Sunday June 16, 2019.


The tuition fee includes a daily private lesson of 30 minutes (45 minutes for more advanced pupils for an extra fee) and instruction in one of the two Summer Music School orchestras: the Sinfonia Piccola d’Iitti and the Iitti Sinfonietta.

Instruction is also available in chamber music and ensemble playing. Students can either register their own pre-formed ensembles or make up ensembles with others. Bring your chamber or ensemble music with you!

Composing Workshop

A brand new Composing Workshop course will be on offer in summer 2019. Guided by Simo Helkala, students will write music for their own instruments while learning about a range of melodic, rhythmic, harmonic and formal phenomena. The course, which is suitable for all students, will be delivered to groups of four students each in four hour-long sessions. In addition to their instruments, students should come prepared with manuscript paper, pencils and erasers.
Join us and discover your inner composer!


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